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Monster 4x4 Winches

A winch is a mechanical device with immense pulling power that is used by off-road enthusiasts to pull vehicles that may be stuck in mud and other unfavorable conditions.

The name says it all, these 4x4 winches are MONSTERS. Built to the highest quality and standard you can rely on Monster 4x4 winches to get you out of a jam. Featuring both wireless and wired remotes, you have all the versatility you need to get your vehicle back on track.

Designed and developed in Australia, the Monster Winch is built for durability. With its heavy duty casing, strong motor, immense pulling power and exclusive motor breather, it’s the must have 4x4 accessory that’s perfect for getting you out of trouble when needed or helping someone else out. Available in steel or synthetic rope, our range of Monster Winches offers unsurpassed quality with the ability to perform reliably in the most strenuous conditions.

Click on the images below for more information on 4x4 winches and to order your Monster 4x4 winch online today!

9500lb Monster Winch
9500lb Monster Winch
from $795.00
12000lb Monster Winch
12000lb Monster Winch
from $895.00
Ironman 4x4 - Synthetic Winch Rope
From $385.00
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